Video Testimonials

The Questions for the Prequalification:

  • 1. Do you use the Internet?
  • 2. Do you like the Internet (do you use Facebook, vkontakte or the other social networks)?
  • 3. Do you want to make the Internet money?
  • 4. Are you able to work in the Internet 10-20 hours a week?
  • 5. Do you want to build the Internet business?
  • 6. Would you like to attend the trainings to learn how to make the Internet money?
  • 7. Do you have $100 to start your Internet business?

The Rules and the Regulatory Legal Acts

The R coin International has a five-year plan to grow to a successful International company that will offer more than 15 future products and services.

We are looking for people who are smart enough to create a five-year plan for their future financial lives. Now the R coins are valued at 75 ¢ each, and it is possible that these R coins will increase to a greater price in the next 5-20 years... Bitcoin has risen from 10 cents to more than $ 1,200 in less than 2 years. And now it is sold at $604,18 per unit of the currency on average that depends on the market...

The company of One coin, which is located in Bulgaria, grew from one person to more than 800,000 people and a billion dollars in sales for only 12 months. Now the International market is booming with 680 companies with the Internet money and the crypto currency.

All the people should be talking honestly and truthfully about the company of the R coin International, its marketing plan and the proper Company`s procedures.

All people need to understand that all the businesses have risks, problems, difficulties, delays, unexpected problems and the force majeure situations... There are none of these companies, which could give a full guarantee to anyone at the World Business Market. The R coin International Company cannot guarantee or promise its future growth, the company's sales and profits. However, the management team is a financially conservative and economical group of the responsible people. Our management team works daily to keep our business expenses low, as well as we maintain a huge amount of money on the economy of the future growth of the company and its financial protection.

The Company and the Management will act responsibly and professionally for protection of the global interests of its customers, users, partners, and sponsors and the sales leaders.

All the top leaders will be able to conclude a quality contract with the company that will include the level of the income concerning the expected sales, the expenses for the advertisement and the marketing expenses, the bonuses, and the share in the Company’s profit.

The company plans to set up several branches in other countries as well as the International business accounts.


The world`s first cryptocurrency guaranteed volume growth up to 5% per month and 60% increase per year


Profit distribution among all members of society. The members who do the most work get the most money.


The total number of Rcoins USA is 107 billion. 25 billion have been premaining. As of March 1st, 2017 Rcoin USA coins sold at the $2 price.


The referral program system is divided into seven levels, each of which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income. Plus an infinity bonus that pays sales leaders to the level.

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