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1. What is RCOIN?

There are four main aspects revealing the essence of the RCOIN concept:

RCOIN is an Internet community of people united through a network of direct transactions of RCOIN cryptocurrency to each other on the P2P basis without intermediaries and with high reliability level equal to bank transfer.
RCOIN is a network of exchanges and exchange points inside the Internet-community, which, in addition to their direct functions of sale / exchange also carry out the popularization of RCOIN currency among people.
RCOIN is an own WEB-studio to perform tasks for the entire community.

2. Who controls the RCOIN network?

RCOIN is controlled by the members of the online-community themselves, its users all over the world. The RCOIN developers can make improvements in the software to support the viability of the entire Internet-community, but can not change any source code or algorithm of the cryptocurrency working process.

3. How can I get RCOIN currency?

To receive as payment for your goods and services.
To buy it on the stock exchange or at the electronic currencies exchange points. Currently, there are 14 exchange points, and their network will continue to increase.
To exchange at other members of the RCOIN internet-community.
To earn RCOIN by mining.

4. What are the benefits of RCOIN?

Freedom of payments – you may instantly send and receive any amount of money anywhere in the world and at any time, without any limitations. RCOIN allows its users to control their money in full.
Less risks for businessmen – RCOIN transactions are safe, irreversible and do not contain any personal information about the customer. At the same time, by reducing the administrative costs, transaction fees and commissions are low that determines the market expansion.
Safety and control – all members of RCOIN internet-community can fully control their transactions.
RCOIN transactions don’t refer to the personal information that guarantees its protection against theft.

5. Can I make money on RCOIN?

RCOIN is the currency with a growth rate of 20% per month. Therefore, buying RCOIN for the first two years of its existence, you will earn with the same rate. In addition, there is a mining bonus - a generous program aimed at promoting the entire Internet-community and RCOIN cryptocurrency. Mining bonus allows you to get an income from the turnover of your structure down to the 7th level.

6. Is RCOIN protected?

RCOIN technology (its protocol and cryptography) has a high security level and RCOIN network is a large distribution calculations project.
Therefore, RCOIN is fully protected from hacker attacks, because hackers will need to attack on all the users' computers of this network at the same time that is almost impossible.
However, while using your Personal Account and RCOIN Wallet, please observe all the standard precautions. Don’t pass your password to anyone, use a strong password, use a two-step authentication, etc.
In the framework of RCOIN internet-community special computer and internet usage classes will take place that will include a safety measures section.

Is it difficult to make the RCOIN transaction?

The RCOIN transaction is easier to make than plastic card payments, and edoes not require opening a current account. Transactions are carried out through a wallet-program installed in your Personal Account by entering the recipient's address and the payment amount, then you only need to press the "Send" button.

8. Is RCOIN legal?

RCOIN is absolutely legal according to existing legislation in the most jurisdictions of the world. However, some jurisdictions may require licensing of certain subjects, such as electronic exchanger sites that provide the RCOIN currency.

9. What is the transaction fee?

Most transactions can be done without commission. However, when using exchanges or site-exchangers a commission not exceeding 0.1% of the transaction amount may be charged.

10. Is there a tangible form of RCOIN?

RCOIN is completely virtual. However, you can exchange RCOIN for goods, services or tangible money.

11. Is the participation in the Internet community RCOIN confidential?

RCOIN Internet community assumes complete anonymity and confidentiality of its participants. Nevertheless each participant is free to express himself publicly. It is not forbidden by the community rules and procedures.

12. Can I use RCOIN for illegal purposes?

RCOIN is virtual money, and as with any money, you can make both legal and illegal operations. Therefore, the use of this currency for illegal purpose, unfortunately, is also possible. However any illegal actions with any money falls under the articles of the Criminal Legislation and entails criminal liability

13. Is there a possibility for RCOIN to become a global currency?

RCOIN is essentially a global currency, as the community members are people from different countries around the world. In order to be a member you only need to have a computer and internet access.

14. What happens if I get RCOIN, when my computer is off?

Nothing bad will happen. Once you turn on your computer and go into your Personal Account, your wallet in your Personal Account will be synchronized with the whole RCOIN Internet community. Moreover, within a few seconds you will see the money on your account.

15. How to become a member of RCOIN Internet community and start using this currency?

To do this, you need to go through a simple registration process, and buy the RCOIN currency.


The world`s first cryptocurrency guaranteed volume growth up to 5% per month and 60% increase per year


Profit distribution among all members of society. The members who do the most work get the most money.


The total number of Rcoins USA is 107 billion. 25 billion have been premaining. As of March 1st, 2017 Rcoin USA coins sold at the $2 price.


The referral program system is divided into seven levels, each of which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income. Plus an infinity bonus that pays sales leaders to the level.

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