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The Sales Leaders

R coin International, LTD begins its work, with a budget of $5 billion in R coins to start sales of 50¢ for each R coin. The total amount is $10 billion of electronic money (cryptocurrency). The sales leaders have the great importance for the management and the partners of the R coin International. Successful sales leaders will receive great benefits and rewards in the company of This company has over than 100 years’ of combined experience of teaching, trainings leaders, and the reward systems of sales leaders.

The sales leaders are the most important people in the company of R coin International LTD who will get the most money. The sales leaders can conduct the prequalification and to conclude the contracts for a period of 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. The sales leaders can pass the pre-qualification in order to become the first sales manager of in their city. The sales leaders can receive a monthly income from $300 to $5 000 in electronic currency of R coins. They can earn big commissions, sales bonuses, double bonuses, travel bonuses and the bonuses for a car purchase. The Company R coin International will pay $ 100 million in R coins to the sales leaders and their structure during the next 3-10 years. The Company R coin International will support 1 000 sales leaders, partners and sponsors, who will become millionaires of the R coin International system over the next 3-10 years.

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The world`s first cryptocurrency guaranteed volume growth up to 5% per month and 60% increase per year


Profit distribution among all members of society. The members who do the most work get the most money.


The total number of Rcoins USA is 107 billion. 25 billion have been premaining. As of March 1st, 2017 Rcoin USA coins sold at the $2 price.


The referral program system is divided into seven levels, each of which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income. Plus an infinity bonus that pays sales leaders to the level.

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