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Rcoin International LTD. Company's mission.

1. Our mission - for the long term provide millions of people the opportunity to legally send cryptocurrency around the world, using convenient, safe, inexpensive, and the fastest way;


2. Provide funds from the global growth of the global sales to charity around the world and 100 million Rcoin on Rcoin charitable foundation to help children, women, people in emergency situations and for those who need immediate financial assistance;


3. Create thousands of training and educational centers around the world for entrepreneurship education, starting a small business, sales, marketing, advertising, promotional campaigns, promotions, cryptocurrency and financial literacy;


4. The development of global sales and marketing organizations in more than 100 thousand people in the sales in each country with a large population and a minimum of 10 thousand people in smaller countries;


5. We have a plan for 10-50 years to create this global organization;


6. Provide money for children who are engaged in the arts, music, sports and personal development;


7. Create multiple Rcoin funds for business loans and financial support to entrepreneurs around the world;

Sincerely, Team Rcoin


The world`s first cryptocurrency guaranteed volume growth up to 5% per month and 60% increase per year


Profit distribution among all members of society. The members who do the most work get the most money.


The total number of Rcoins USA is 107 billion. 25 billion have been premaining. As of March 1st, 2017 Rcoin USA coins sold at the $2 price.


The referral program system is divided into seven levels, each of which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income. Plus an infinity bonus that pays sales leaders to the level.

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